WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

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polyb1123 8 hours ago

given fb's and mark suckerburgs shinanigans lately I would not be surpised if this was another promo for the cancer industry. big money thats losing market share?

sick medicine seems to be very profitable!

above average Joe 10 hours ago

No kidding

I was talking to a friend whom I am wondering why I call him a friend. Well he starts off telling me the republicans should just shut up about Obama already. I think back to when Obama got in not that I voted for him but he did sya everything I wanted to hear. Given the benefit of the doubt I watched for this chnage that he talked about all the time. The chnage that I witnessed held no benefit for us that I could tell. Not one thing that he campaigned on ever came true. His health care plan did happen. but it was from the frying pan into the fire. They all for get how bad they are screwing us and what we actyually have left to work with. Before the end of the first term I knew it was the same old crap different president. Just a bunch of the facist bs again.

MaiziD 12 hours ago

What possibly can an 0bama library include to justify that cost?

Could it be pizza parlors? Gay bath house? Table tennis?

Tian Shan 9 hours ago

1. Readjusting your body’s pH balance helps to prevent cancers.

2. In his book “One Minute Cure”, Cavanaugh states that Dr. Christiaan Barnard (heart transplant surgeon)recommended hydrogen peroxide therapy to his patients and used it himself to help treat his arthritis and other age related diseases (2009, 67).

Old_Logan 4 hours ago

(*BY ONE . . .


Himself !
We thought we were ducking The Bush/Clinton Duopoly , and we should have smelled the BEX with his Secretary Of State selection .
He did do a couple of things . he helped us dodge The Straight Talk Express bullet & keep Romney's Mitts Out Of The Oval Office . Delivered on his Transparency Promise , getting rid of The Dividing Aisle at the State Of The Union Address , where Ds and Rs sat side by side , in perfect harmony , and still WE insist on partisan division . I'm a liberal , I voted for Trump , on a daily basis I have to put up with Republican grandstanding )

MaiziD 16 hours ago

Where is the 'problem' with that?

Reminder: illegal means NOT legal, against the law.

The USA really should copy Mexico's laws regarding illegal immigration.

MaiziD 15 hours ago

1. Senate Intelligence? I've not seen any of it. Where is it? Who has any?

2. Are these clowns doing the same regarding Hellary's activities?

3. Still wondering about the uranium sales Hellary arranged and the massive donations by foreign nations to the fraudulent Clinton Foundation. Can we FIRST see the Senate and Justice Department look into those. I bet there is a lot more pay dirt there.

MaiziD 15 hours ago

Lock that songbird traitor up

MaiziD 12 hours ago

0bama $418M arms sale to Kenya on his last day in office.

Follow the money - who benefits from this deal?

MaiziD 11 hours ago

well, she ought to know. If ever there was a scumbag, it's Maxine and Pelosi. Can't get any worse than those two bats from hell.

MaiziD 6 hours ago

Anyone who thinks and applauds this, better realize that those encouraging people to not learn proper grammar, no matter what race or culture, actual motive is to keep the ignorant out of the mainstream. A disguised enslavement tactic.
Too bad so many fall for it and think it's great not having to learn anything that would help them compete in the labor force and otherwise, too.
Think this through - do you really think you are being helped - no, you are being kept out of the labor force because you can't compete in real life when you can't put together a decent sentence and if every second word you utter is a cuss word.
There is nothing racist about it - it is reality.

Old_Logan 12 hours ago

Mom's shocking photo of 10-year-old son depicts painful reality of cancer

(*Cancer is Russia . Chemothetapy & Radiation is the deep state
The Deep State causes the majority of disorder , and then turns around and blames Russia for everything .
I avoid the doctor . He knows my family history . He'd like to see me check in , on a full time basis , because , "You're dad died of cancer.", which is the medical complex's official story . The True Familly History , goes from the hospital , to the court room , long battle , finding MALPRACTICE as the reason for my father's way to early departure from this world .
I know thats personal stuff , but I feel an obligation to share it .
Mike , if open carry is allowed where you are , maybe you should go packing to Clair's doctor visit .
just for effect , is all .)

Old_Logan 11 hours ago

Wikileaks Exposes John McCain’s Illegal Request for Campaign Cash From Russian Ambassador Who Suddenly Died Monday in NYC

(*Cheese! That 'anonymous' gift to The Clinton Foundation really did pay off !
songbird )

Old_Logan 9 hours ago

(*He's _ _ _ _ing John McCain's _ _ _ _ !)

Old_Logan 8 hours ago

(*NOT The Successful recovery of Saddam's WMDs , which we all knew he didn't have , But The Perpetual US Occupance Of The Middle East , which we all knew they were after , for their PNAC ambitions .)

Reddit_is_Hasbara 12 hours ago

Dead lawyers is always good news.

As to the crash itself, multi-engine craft, particularly smaller, general aviation craft, fall out of the sky with regularity -- especially when they lose the left (critical) engine. There's a laundry list of pilot procedural mistakes or distractions that kill you in a twin with one dead engine. The plane WANTS to twist out of your hands and out of the sky. Happens all the time. I knew of a Cessna twin with five INSTRUCTORS on board that went down doing single-engine drills.

(This generally applies to propeller planes -- piston or turbine. Pure jets, on the other hand, have so much spare power that it's rarely an issue for them, unless there are complications like a turbine disintegrating and damaging other parts of the craft.)

Reddit_is_Hasbara 5 hours ago

There is no "Western" or "American" Russophobia: 19 of every 20 public Russophobes in America are Jews, with the 20th being a shabbos goy. The Jews, per tradition, expect us to do their dirty work.

z00mcopterdown 14 hours ago

maybe now they'll be able to say the truth about israhell.

Old_Logan 6 hours ago

(* https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reeve_Aleutian_Airways_Flight_8 )

Old_Logan 5 hours ago

(*Always The Lady !)