WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

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Kelly Thomas 9 hours ago

Sarasota is Republican territory. Trump should schedule a rally in Sarasota to spite him!

NobodysaysBOO 16 hours ago

There are millions of US citizens that will NEVER see a great America again, it will take Mr.TRUMP many years of very HARD WORK (HARD WORK not lips service and lies REAL HARD WORK) to revive the DEAD USA, most of the seniors and older CITIZENS will not live long enough to see Mr.TRUMPS reforms kick


The US CITIZEN troops will NOT KILL their fellow country men and women, they will cross over and join the CITIZENS ARMY!

The US military will not fight for Hillary.

The UN troops will kill US citizens for hillary but they are nothing and will be defeated by the ton.

Ethan Allen and... 15 hours ago

What did the Russians expect! Everytime they have the terrorists on the ropes,they let em off the hook. The US/NATO resupplies their proxy army with better weapons and more fighters every time Putin gives them a break. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.This would have been over in May or June without these continuous cease fires every time the proxy army needs a break.
The US even tells them ahead of time they are going to supply MANPADS and heavy AAA and the Russians act surprised. I smell a rat or some really bad cheese.

Bad strategic decision or is ole Poker Face waitin til all the Rats take the cheese and it's hit em with everything they have. When Admiral Kuznetsov and its' escorts arrive the Russians will have the eastern Med sealed off to any US intervention if the rats take the cheese and the Russians smash them.

PCR and Steve Lendman have a couple of good articles


ChrisMenahan 13 hours ago


Old_Logan 12 hours ago

(*When you get to the part about ClintonBush Inc. help them with the arithmetic
HWBush -4 Years
-BClinton-8 Years
GeoWBush -8 Years
HClinton -4 Years time served running The Obama Administartion , masquerading as his secratary of state
Total ClintonBush Whitehouse Occupation Years 24 Years threatening another four to eight
Their your family , their your associates , their your facebook friends . Go in peace , and give guidance .)