Sanction America, Not North Korea | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

 Sanction America, Not North Korea

Ideally, sanctions should be abolished, prohibited for any reasons.

They’re counterproductive, achieving pain and suffering alone for ordinary people in targeted countries, nothing else.

As long as they’re permitted, legally by Security Council members alone, illegal unilaterally, sanction America for its high crimes of war and against humanity, not North Korea, threatening no other countries - even though a US veto would block adoption.

A symbolic 14 - 1 statement would send a powerful message, especially if enough world community nations no longer are willing to put up with endless US wars on humanity.

The leadership of any country threatened by Washington would be foolhardy not to seek powerful weapons and munitions for self-defense.

Abandonment of powerful weapons programs by Iraq and Libya led to their rape and destruction by US-led aggression - a lesson well understood in Pyongyang.

Vladimir Putin explained it, saying sanctions on North Korea are a “road to nowhere. (They’re) useless and ineffective (because) they will eat grass but they will not turn away from the path that will provide for their security.”

“What can establish security? The restoration of international law. We should promote dialogue among all interested parties.”

Nothing else can defuse tensions on the Korean peninsula. Perhaps Putin will explain why he approved “useless and ineffective” sanctions on Monday instead of ordering Washington’s resolution vetoed - the responsible thing he failed to do.

Appeasing America is counterproductive, a lesson Russia learned long ago but seems to forget.

The problem on the Korean peninsula lies in Washington, not Pyongyang.