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Übermensch, Daniel Kingery for President!


The link is to a site put up by Daniel Kingery, Presidential candidate. Everyone should carefully watch Daniel Kingery's video on his site. If we are going to become a nation that is whole again, Daniel Kingery likely has the best answer.

Like a lot of Americans since the election of Barack Obama, I too have been thinking about running for President.

I know a lot of you are probably wondering what gave me this idea, or what makes me think I could be a decent President.

And some of you, who might jump to conclusions, probably even think you know what makes me think I could be a decent President.

And a few of you are thinking to yourselves right now, that YOU would be a better candidate for President than I would, than Daniel Kingery would, or than Barack Obama could too.

Well, that is the American way, isn't it? And be thankful it is too!

For when it comes to terrorism, and the way of life the terrorists hate that we have, this notion we have ingrained in each of our psyche, this notion about our being the President of the United States is one of the things the terrorists must hate most about us.

The British were probably the first to notice this about Americans. The whole notion that we, or any of us, could be the President of the United States jumps out of the Declaration of Independence, especially if you were on the receiving end of it, as were the Brits.

Daniel Kingery is not shooting too high. And had I known he was running for President, I would have voted for him in the last election instead of voting for Mark Twain who has two things going against his candidacy. 1) The name, Mark Twain, is just a pseudonym for Samuel Clemens. And, 2) Samuel Clemens has been dead 100 years.

So in that spirit, the American spirit that everyone around the world simultaneously hates about us and admires about us, let us all salute the great patriot, Daniel Kingery, for what he gives to all of us, Pride and Hope.

Daniel Kingery gives us all our due pride for being a hopeful American.

Daniel Kingery represents the clearest image of all of us as Americans. For gratefully, we each have something of Daniel Kingery in us.

Life is wonderful! You'll never get this chance again. Life is just too damned short and none of us are coming back this way again, ever. So grab at the brass ring, now, before it is too late.