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‘Friendship is a Two-Way Street’ Australian Foreign Minister tells Israel

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Many with ties to Australia are taking the time to voice support of recent decisions.

(MELBOURNE / SALEM) – Australia’s principled decision to expel an Israeli diplomat has been highly regarded throughout the world, not just for their stand against Israel’s abuse of Australia’s Passport system but especially because of their abuse of a long standing friendship..

The Aussies are shocked and saddened by the news as it breaks all across the country.

Listen to the Foreign Minister’ Stephen Smith’s speech:

Friendship runs both ways, Smith tells Israel (ABC News)

Video: Israeli diplomat expelled over fake passports (The Midday Report)

Audio: Israeli diplomat expelled over doctored passports (The World Today)

The Ministers office has been flooded with emails of support, commending him for his principled stand. The exact number we will never know as they were addressed to the Minister at Parliament House. Stephen.Smith.MP@aph.gov.au

However, we do know through our friends in Australia and the internet action groups for peace in Palestine that there have been hundreds, perhaps thousands who have requested the full speech and have emailed the Minister.

As you are probably aware, this is just the first example that a sovereign country is prepared to make a statement against Israel and its mis-use of friendship. This has been Israel’s behaviour not only in Australia, but also in Britain, Ireland and here in America.

We present below samples of emails sent to the Minister from around the world.

Hello Minister,

Expulsion of Israeli diplomat

Well done and well spoken.

Now, perhaps, you would like to lead the rest of the world’s foreign-affairs politicians, who, for whatever reasons, feel that they cannot, should not or will not condemn the daily abuses of the Israeli government against the Palestinians in Gaza, East Jerusalem and elsewhere, huddled behind the atrocious and inhuman Apartheid Wall.

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