‘It might get ugly:’ Bay Area cities brace for ICE sweeps | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

‘It might get ugly:’ Bay Area cities brace for ICE sweeps

Swarming federal agents who are conducting raids and arrests will lead to people getting killed.This part of Cali's reaction appears to be a Seditious Conspiracy which may snowball into an Insurrection.

Fear is growing in immigrant communities that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is getting ready to launch massive raids across California — a threat that activists and politicians say is retaliation against the Golden State’s bold “sanctuary” policies.

ICE director Thomas Homan recently told Fox News that the agency will significantly increase enforcement across the state and warned California to “hold on tight.” And a report by the San Francisco Chronicle this week said ICE is planning raids targeting Northern California cities, with the goal of arresting more than 1,500 immigrants.

Advocates say they’re prepared for the crackdowns, with hundreds of Bay Area volunteers training to act as “first responders” at homes and workplaces where the raids are expected to take place.


Just another dog & pony show...

Tian Shan

If they (ICE) wanted to round up illegals, they know where to find them on the streets. Americans in LA/OC/SanDiego looking for cheap daily labor do.

They want to....

Ethan Allen and...

bust the employers too.