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‘Saddam’s weapons’: Ex-ambassador’s Freudian slip on Syria attack

The US, British and French bombing of Syria has put many critics of US President Donald Trump in the awkward position of agreeing with him. One of them, former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, slipped on his own tweet.
UPDATE: Mr. McFaul has now apologized for his typo in several further tweets and clarified that he, indeed, meant to say 'Assad' instead of 'Saddam.'

Attempting to explain why he agreed with the bombing on Twitter, McFaul made a point about appreciating the “most amazing” former President Barack Obama and voting for Senator Tim Kaine (and therefore Hillary Clinton) in 2016. So while McFaul thinks Trump has no strategy for Syria, he also approves of the “decision to degrade Saddam’s chemical weapons last night.” Oops.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Getting tough to keep all the lies straight, isn't it?


Freudian Slip , perhaps


(*nonetheless , that logic carries , and resonates with some . The last time, the 60 missile , 'ooopps I just wanted to see what would happen' operation , an acquaintance of mine deducted that the chemical weapons used by Assad were Saddam's long lost missing stash of wmds .)

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