“Ballot Harvesting” And Other Democrat Methods Of Stealing Elections | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

“Ballot Harvesting” And Other Democrat Methods Of Stealing Elections

It’s always mildly surprising when the Democrats pull off another year of major election fraud and the American people don’t just burn the place down like France in response.

The 2018 midterms ended up being a train wreck of voter fraud, stolen elections and customary malfeasance from the Democrats. No wonder they fought tooth and nail in early 2017 to get President Trump to disband his commission to investigate vote fraud.

Now that the dust has settled, and Republicans have “lost” 40 seats in the House, we can start to examine exactly how this happened.

California in particular is an example of a spectacular fraud this year. Republicans lost seven out of 14 seats in California long after the election was over, as “harvested” ballots continued to pour in.

“Ballot harvesting” is such a profitable practice for Democrats, which the left-leaning Wikipedia doesn’t even provide an entry to explain.

Ballot harvesting is the practice of third-party organizations or individuals knocking on doors and picking up mail-in ballots that haven’t been mailed in on time. (“Third-party” means non-governmental and non-private sector in this instance.)