In 1999, it was Yugoslavia in the crosshairs of the imperialists, now it’s Venezuela | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

In 1999, it was Yugoslavia in the crosshairs of the imperialists, now it’s Venezuela

To mark the 20th anniversary of the start of NATO’s illegal 78-day bombardment of Yugoslavia, over 200 distinguished guests from all over the world gathered for a conference of the Belgrade Forum of the World of Equals.

The gathering titled “Never to Forget: Peace and Progress instead of Wars and Poverty” promoted genuine internationalism. Participants came from Israel AND Palestine. From Iran and Japan. From Britain, Germany, Italy, France and other NATO countries which had taken part in the bombing. From Venezuela, Cuba, Bulgaria, Greece, Brazil, Croatia, Canada and South Africa. India and Nepal, Austria and Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, Turkey and Lebanon. From the US AND Russia. This was the real ‘international community’ on display.


2-war similarities and differences


Similarities: On both sides a large part of the educated public rooted for THEIR government to lose. A new batch of high-tech US weapons and doctrines were tested which delivered a near zilch result, in fact made the targeted leader more accepted. Attacked country is important in narcotics shipping and a Non-Aligned Bloc member. China who wisely stayed out of the battle won the postwar deals by this move, as if the US only fought to promote China. In short, to quote the Law Of The Instrument if all you have is weapons, everything looks like a target, even when that's the only tool that won't do the job.

Differences: Venezuela has major oil deposits too.

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