In 2018, Israel’s mask finally came off | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

In 2018, Israel’s mask finally came off

Having cemented its apartheid nature into law, Israel is creating legislative cover for the act of formally annexing the occupied territories beyond the recognised boundaries of the state.

2018 wasn’t a good year for Israel. It was even worse for Palestinians, of course.

On the surface, it wasn’t an especially dramatic year - just a lot more of the same, without major new wars, and without much bloodshed if you compare it to most previous years. Things appeared frozen in place. The occupation continued without impediment, likewise the settlement enterprise. Gaza tried to resist forcefully from inside its wretched cage, using its paltry and limited powers.

The world averted its eyes from the occupation, as it has customarily done in recent years, and focused on other things entirely.

Israelis, like the rest of the world, took no interest in the occupation, as they’ve done for decades now. They silently went on with daily life and it was good, prosperous. The aim of the current government - the most right-wing, religious and nationalist in Israel’s history - to maintain the status quo in every way, was achieved in full. Nothing happened to interfere with the five-decade-strong occupation.

Moving towards formal annexation

It would be a grave mistake, however, to think that everything stayed the same. There is nothing status-quo about occupation or apartheid, even if it sometimes seems that way.