5,100-year-old Hydraulic System Found in China is the Oldest in the World | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

5,100-year-old Hydraulic System Found in China is the Oldest in the World

Four years of excavations have unearthed an immense water engineering project created in China about 5,100 years ago. This predates the oldest known comparable system; which is from Mesopotamia and dates to around 4,900 years ago.

It only took about a decade for the estimated 3,000 people to build the water management system and researchers needed almost half that time to excavate it. Newsweek reports that researchers were working at the site from 2009 to 2013. The team used archaeological samples, remote sensing data, geographic modeling, and satellite imagery while trying to discern how water was managed in the Yangtze Delta region between 5300 BC and 4300 BC. Speaking on the time estimate for the construction of the engineering project, study author Yijie Zhuang of the University College London, told Newsweek that “the dams were built surprisingly quickly given their sheer scale.”


Is it just me?


Or were we perhaps a lot smarter than our history books, and the guy with the stupid hair on the 'history' channel, want us to believe we were?



the oldest one is in Tiahuanaco - PumaPunku . The Liken on the "BROKEN" edges of the stones there is 10-12k years old, and their systems of canals puts the chinks to shame.

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