9/11’s smoking gun still smoking! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

9/11’s smoking gun still smoking!

The fact is that Tower Seven vanished in its footprint in six seconds at 5:28 PM on that day, after its owner Larry Silverstein announced at about 3 PM “that there had been so much bloodshed and pain, that ‘they’ had decided to ‘pull it,’” which is the classic term for an internal demolition. So it really wasn’t the first steel Tower in history to fall by fire. Whatever fires there were, were put out and did not bring Tower 7 down, even if it had burned all day, which it didn’t. What brought it down was the order to “pull it.” The hitch is you can’t set up an internal demolition for a 47-story, steel-frame building in two and a half hours, nor two and a half days or weeks. It takes months to carefully place charges through the structure, so that the first go off at the bottom, implode inward. This is done on each floor, so that the destroyed supports for the crushing weight bring the building down in a six second glide, the speed of gravity, into its own footprint, which is exactly what happened at 5:28 PM on 9/11/01.

Of course, 26 minutes before Tower Seven would fall, the BBC had announced that it had already fallen. A British anchorwoman, supposedly in New York, put her foot in her mouth, with an onscreen time code to boot, and a picture of Tower 7 behind her, as she suddenly went silent, we cut to the anchorman in Great Britain, who told us there were technical difficulties and we lost her. Could someone have known about all this in advance? Could it possibly be a conspiracy? If so, Con Ed certainly was screwed out of its substation, not to mention diesel fuel tanks.