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ABC's 20/20 Not Seeing Clearly on Electronic Voting Machines

I was amazed and then dismayed tonight to see a segment on ABC's 20/20 that began by pointing out the problems with electronic voting machines. Here's the text version.

Rather than drawing any conclusions about the obvious unverifiability of DRE machines, or explaining the "government"'s failure to meet the standards so easily met by the makers of ATMs, 20/20 turned the whole story into a tale of government incompetence and bureaucratic delay. We're supposed to understand that the current crop of machines doesn't work because, despite the good intentions of all involved, the Election Assistance Commission has just been too slow at providing "standards" to entrepreneurs.

We're given no hint at the fact that no standards could ever be devised to make DREs verifiable, no questioning of privatizing our elections and making our votes the property of corporations, and no discussion of recent elections that have been stolen, other than that of Christine Jennings with which the segment began. Please try again, Mickey!