'Afghans Dying Every Day': Politicians Slam Security Treaty With US | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

'Afghans Dying Every Day': Politicians Slam Security Treaty With US

There is no other way than to consider a new Afghan security agreement that will bring together both regional players and global powers to ensure the security in the country, Afghan politicians have told Sputnik, stressing that the Obama-era Bilateral Security Agreement with Kabul has proven completely ineffective.

Kabul needs to reconsider the 2014 Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) signed by the Obama administration and the government of Ashraf Ghani as the people of Afghanistan are increasingly losing trust in their international partners, politicians told Sputnik Afghanistan.

"The US came to Afghanistan to defeat terrorism," says Shakiba Hashemi, member of the National Security Committee of the Parliament of Afghanistan. "In 2001, before they gained control over Afghanistan, they destroyed the cars of terrorists so that neighboring automobiles sustained no damage. How has it happened that they cannot conduct reconnaissance operations and successfully prevent attacks now, when they control all the regions in Afghanistan? Why do 21 terrorist groups freely operate in Afghanistan? This ambiguity has prompted the people of Afghanistan to lose faith in their international partners."