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AfPak: Escalating War of Aggression

The US invasion of Afghanistan can be best legally understood as a “War of Aggression.” This label is appropriate because Afghanistan did not attack the US, the UN Security Council did not authorize use of force, and the US rejected the Afghan government’s offer of cooperation to capture Osama bin Laden if the US could provide any evidence of his involvement in a crime. I document this important story here with additional comments here, in as far as I know, uncontested fact because the key information comes from our own government’s admissions.

Yesterday, Secretary of (War) Defense Robert Gates discussed increasing American troop levels in Afghanistan in a Washington Post article under the ironic banner, “AfPak War: Combating Extremism in Afghanistan and Pakistan.” The Wall Street Journal headlined, “Obama Urged to Rally Support for War.” PressTV was left to acknowledge that a NATO airstrike yesterday killed 100 Afghan civilians, raising the year’s total to at least 1,000.