Alaskans Demand Accountability from Palin! HUGE Rally! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Alaskans Demand Accountability from Palin! HUGE Rally!

Historically, anything over 25 people at a sign waving event in Anchorage is a rousing success. I had to remember this. And people may have just had one good rally in them and that was that.

I started snapping pictures of signs. There were some really good ones. My favorite? “Hey, Sarah! I can see the end of your political career from my house!” I was cheered. After 20 or 30 minutes of photographing signs, I looked around. I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed, but a massive influx had happened. Both sides of the city block between 9th and 10th Avenue were packed! I went across the street to the opposite corner to get a good shot of everyone, and… I was not alone. Cameras everywhere! Local TV news from every station, the Anchorage Daily News, unmarked video cameras in various sizes, photographers with lenses 2 feet long scurrying around, people with hand-held devices talking to protesters…. It took my breath away. I had to stop what I was doing, and just stand, and look.

I said it after the last rally, and I’ll say it again. This does not happen here.