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Alex Jones Exposed!


To some people Alex Jones is a hero, a super patriot, someone who's putting their life on the line to expose tyranny and corruption, To other people he comes across as a championship wrestler (the fake kind) or a used crooked car salesman.

Wouldn't criminals capable of carrying out 911 be smart and capable enough to set up an alternative media to divert people who search for more truth than what they find on Mainstream News? Wouldn't they use techniques that don't appeal to scoffers like bull-horning and ranting to maintain status quo? Wouldn't they just tell us what we already know, or could have heard somewhere else while cleverly providing damage control, whitewashing, and misdirection for the true criminals? Wouldn't they use scapegoats such as labeling the perpetrators as Satanic Cults instead of identifying them as Zionists which incidentally use Christianity and Judaism as a tool?

Alex's Christianity promotion serves Zionism with it's precepts like: "bless your persecutors", "obey the laws of the land", and "Israel is God's elect (or chosen)". What would you do if you were a part of the criminal network? Wouldn't you set up and maintain a controlled alternative media? Some people think the conspiracy against us started with 911 when in fact water fluoridation has been done since the time of Hitler when it was used to induce apathy and population control in Nazi Germany.