Is Alex Jones A Zionist?…Controversy Swirls | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Is Alex Jones A Zionist?…Controversy Swirls

THE SIMMERING CONTROVERSY OF ALEX ‘BULLHORN’ JONES allegedly being a Zionist shill and/or a de facto Zionist agent and spin meister has now spilled over onto Jones’ own Prison Planet Message Board (see below)…despite alleged message-censoring efforts by Jones, personally, and his staff.

According to a number of postings which are excerpted below, Jones’ allegiance to Zionism stems from two things: 1) His core Protestant Fundamentalist-Zionist belief system, and, 2) Widely circulated reports that his wife is a Jew which would make their two children Jewish under Talmudic law.

Warning to moderators.. This might be something that you don't want to jump.. I don't think this site is off limits.. I don't think any site or thought is off limits..(Except Sorcha Faals writings) Please think about this subject before you jump it to the main page.. It is a very interesting article.. Don't jump it if you feel nervous about doing so.

It might just be slander from some crazy Jewish guy who turned Christian.