ALL DOTS CONNECTED...Clinton’s, Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, Learner, plus secret guests ... Lets PLAY FOLLOW THE TRAIL... | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

ALL DOTS CONNECTED...Clinton’s, Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, Learner, plus secret guests ... Lets PLAY FOLLOW THE TRAIL...


All but ONE dot connected


(*The road FROM Clinton seems to be covered , but corruption didn't start there . The road to Clinton goes through Bush .
Clinton came to power to Help Bush the first duck the Iran-Contra bullet .
And while he was at it sign Bush1's NAFTA bill , many pundents refer to it as Clintons , but Bush the First was the architect.
Ross Perot ran as an independent , and was the only independent who ever made it to the debates , and in one of those debates he pointed out; "Whichever of these two men gets elected , he will sign the North American Free Trade Agrement into law" , and went on to clarify "both of these men are the same" , both men proceeded to prove Perot was right about them both being the same by pleading ignorance to Perot's claim .
If NAFTA being in the works was NEWS and the corporates were running it in the MSM , it would have been a shoe-in win for Ross Perot , who finished with 13% of the vote .
Bill Clinton signed Bush1's legislation into law , as one of his first adminstraive acts .
Bush the second was the product of a think tank that consisted of a slew of The First's administration , which was famously known as The Project For A New American Century , which got the A.K.A. alias nick name; The Bush Doctrine .
The Bush Doctrine laid out the concept for global hedgemony by The U.S. , for the duration of The 21st century
Shortley after The Second rose to power A Pearl Harbor styled attack , which oddly enough PNAC mandated as necessary to push the rest of its agenda happened in Trump's Big Apple , oddly enough , his attorney Rudy Giuliani was designated the grand marshall and and tour guide , on 9/11 . The Authority , if you will
Then , the son of Bush wasted no time getting started firing up the century of global hegemony , trade wars , propaganda wars , flat out real wars going .
Afghanistan, it was believed as the holdup for Deep State operative , and media circus boogie man Osama bin Laden , who , it was reported , was chilling out , in a cave .
Through some very calculated deception , rather effective deception. actually , for a village idiot , as he was proudly touted , much the same as Trump , our Oldest President is touted as being naive , a trait usually found in younger generations , began a propaganda campaign of many televised presentations where he charaded his way into convincing the nation that his dad's old dupe/adversary Hussein was part of al Qaida , and , after all al Qaida was responsible for 9/11 .
More recently , of course , Libya was part of The PNAC's Africon agenda , so once again a block for a Bush maneuver was called in by PNAC , and supplied by Clinton , well actually , his old lady , who , by the way , along with her Husband , and Bush the first , and his son , the second , made up a political entity , and trojan horse to both political parties , the government , and the people of America .
Because Republicans have an unwritten code , to never admit mistake , folly , or flat out deception , they have taken to megaphoning that all the corruption in American history can be understood , if you only connect the dots on The Clinton side of The Bush Clinton Duopoly , and that wouldnt be true justice . If it comes to pass , it will just be one more lie in this nations already womblie historical structure .
But as long as you're comfortable , it feels like freedom .
But , I'm more concerned with my granddaughters future )