Remember the movie "Network?" "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any longer!"

You need to be there. You need to get angry. REALLY angry. Mad-dog pissed off angry. Ready to start shooting angry. You need to say, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any longer", and you need to say it like you mean it.
Because if you stay silent and let the greedy bastards pull this off, it will be the end of the middle class. There will be the ultra-rich with their severance packages, and everyone else will be taxed into poverty to support them.
So, here is where I ask you for two favors.
Favor one: Go to and get the contact info for all your government representatives. Forget email; that's filtered. Call them, FAX them, pound on the door. Delivery two messages. Tell them, "I will NOT be made to pay for other peoples' mistakes." And tell them "I will not vote for anyone who insists I pay for other peoples' mistakes." Growl when you say it.
Favor two: Post this message on every BBS, web site, message board and mailing list you can find. Get everyone else to call their congresscritters. Tell them they need to learn how to say "NO" and make it stick. Make that "NO" heard not only in the halls of Washington DC and New York but in every major investment center in the world. Tell them that you will NOT be the guarantor of their investments in the United States any longer.
You are a free human being.
You have a right to say "no."

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UPDATE: Link to is fixed. Start calling and faxing.
I am reposting this today because President Bush has just finished his speech saying that "we" must all deal with this crisis. He is sending to Congress his plan to have the US Taxpayer buy up all these worthless assets that the big banks and investment houses bought in their greed, then when they discovered that nobody wanted to buy them, called up their favorite government pawns to FORCE you to buy them collectively.

Bush is already claiming that in the long run, this plan won't really cost you anything. Keep in mind that this is the same man who promised you that Iraq's oil would pay for the war and reconstruction, and his father made the same claim about the S&L bailout.

Fool me once ...

This is a disaster for Americans. The immediate cost is estimated at $3200.00 for every man, woman, and child living in the United States, but since large segments of the population do not pay taxes, the actual burden on taxpayers will be far higher. And all to save the gambling addicts on Wall Street from the painful reality that investment involves RISK; that you are going to LOSE money on certain investments just as you will lose your chips when the dice roll the wrong way.

Wall Street wants its cake and eat it to. They want to go on gambling and feel that thrill of the big win, and keep their wealth. But they want to dump the losses on someone else, and Bush is going to help them do it. On you.

This does NOT fix the economy. Yes, the DOW is soaring and the gambling addicts are happy and no doubt writing huge checks to their favorite candidates who just sold your soul to them, but take a look out the window. Are the high-paying jobs coming back? Are prices for basic necessities going back down? Are the mortgage companies calling you up and saying "We changed our minds and you can keep that lower interest rate?" No? I did not think so.

You have one chance and one chance only to stop this disaster.

This is an election year. Call every single incumbent you can, and tell them you will not be forced to pay for other people's reckless mistakes, nor will you vote for anyone who dare suggests that we be forced to pay for other peoples' reckless mistakes. Then get on every BBS, message board, and blog you can and urge others to do the same.

If there was ever a time to be "Mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more", this is it.

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