American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS: The messenger of White House-insider Q to expose and defeat Evil, then unleash humanity (8 of 9) | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS: The messenger of White House-insider Q to expose and defeat Evil, then unleash humanity (8 of 9)

Our series (*links added at end of each of the 9 points*):

*Introduction: we really live in American Revolution 2.0 2020 under life and death consequences. (1 of 9 here)
*The US has been a lying, looting, illegal rogue state empire committing Wars of Aggression for over 200 years and counting. These invading Wars of Aggression have war-murdered ~30 million since WW2 and counting; 90% of these deaths are innocent children, the elderly and ordinary working civilian women and men (and here). The wars are for resource control: natural and human. (2 of 9 here)
*Ongoing Bankster looting now has a global 1% owning more assets than the 99%. Our economic system is based on the criminal fraud that debt = money, an Orwellian-inversion of total evil. Leading Americans have pointed to public banking and monetary reform for nearly 300 years as obvious solutions to being looted annually in the trillions. (3 of 9 here)
*Corporate media and public education intentionally lie to literally “cover” these crimes centered in war and money to control global resources (natural and human). As a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, US History, World History, Economics, and also credentialed in Mathematics, I prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Americans have been massively, ongoingly, and criminally lied to. These are not careless and inconsequential errors, but intentional and game-changing lies of omission and commission. (4 of 9 here)
*The .01% evil imperialists assassinate real leaders who oppose them: President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy (who would have been President in 1968), Dr. King, and hundreds of others are proven by overwhelming evidence, including the King Family civil trial whose jury found the US government guilty of assassinating Martin. These assassinations continue to the present, including 2020 State of the Union film evidence (and here at 36:30) of Democratic “leaders” openly planning with Vice President Pence to assassinate President Trump. (5 of 9 here)
*The Covid “plandemic” has dozens of verifiable “official” lies and hypocrisies for Orwellian-illegal policies that any American should instantly reject while calling for independent factual explanations. Most Americans sense this; I account for some of this data (here, here). (6 of 9 here)
*Our .01% “leaders” engage in child trafficking. Independent journalists and researchers have compiled powerful documentaries to provide context to arrests of Epstein, Maxwell, and conviction of Weinstein (Fall Cabal and Out of Shadows documentaries here, and here. Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer’s 2-hour presentation on Pizza-gate here). (7 of 9 here)
*Q is a White House insider proven by coordination in timing and language between Q posts and Trump Tweets. Q has revealed Democratic and corporate media “leaderships” lies and crimes to remove President Trump, install dictatorial plandemic government, and hide crimes against children.
*The most important historical context for human beings to embrace: Earth has had ancient advanced technological civilizations from ET involvement that seem to be the genesis of our current evil-bloodline .01% empire-class. That is, the war in the present is a continuation of evil alien invasion from the past: I challenge you to see the evidence for yourself and see if you have a more accurate conclusion.

Historians look to the future as much as the past. I research and document important slivers of history as best one can discern in the present to a relatively few Patriot colleagues, and with eyes for future generations placing the past in the context they will have: building Heaven on Earth as best All can imagine.

“The greater the sacrifice, the greater the glory.”

“But everything that may some day be possible to many the solitary man can now prepare and build with his hands, that err less. Therefore, dear sir, love your solitude and bear with sweet-sounding lamentation the suffering it causes you. For those who are near you are far, you say, and that shows it is beginning to grow wide about you. And when what is near you is far, then your distance is already among the stars and very large; rejoice in your growth, in which you naturally can take no one with you, and be kind to those who remain behind, and be sure and calm before them and do not torment them with your doubts and do not frighten them with your confidence or joy, which they could not understand. Seek yourself some sort of simple and loyal community with them, which need not necessarily change as you yourself become different and again different; love in them life in an unfamiliar form and be considerate of aging people, who fear that being-alone in which you trust. Avoid contributing material to the drama that is always stretched taut between parents and children; it uses up much of the children’s energy and consumes the love of their elders, which is effective and warming even if it does not comprehend. Ask no advice from them and count upon no understanding; but believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an inheritance and trust that in this lore there is a strength and a blessing, out beyond which you do not have to step in order to go very far!” ~ Ranier Rilke, Letters to a young poet


Plato shrieks once more in victory at his full height, wings outstretched. After an impressive pose, he pulls his wings in to playfully roll over on top of May, then engage in a pushing match, using his body at May’s shoulders to shove. May responds with hearty growl, and the match begins.

I walk toward the two Angels ~20 yards up the beach; Socrates turns his attention from the intensifying wrestling as May scores a point to push Plato over, who expertly rolls and hisses at May before re-engaging.

The male and female Angel appear ~40 years of age, both incredible beauties of perfect fitness, and radiating in powerful attractiveness. The male has a feel of centered power; the female of centered wisdom and beauty.

The male grins broadly to walk towards me, puts his hand on his hips and raises his chin to nod.

Angel 1: (a mature voice and feeling of a father, older brother, and superior officer all at once) Hanging in there, Son?

Carl: (I continue walking up to three feet before this magnificent presence) Yes, Sir. It’s work. And I’m in excellent shape.

Angel 1: (in humor to the female) At least he doesn’t complain publicly like he does to himself.

Angel 2: (tears brimming, to her mate) He’s a hero, and you know it. (to me) We know it. Welcome, my beautiful Brother.

This Angel glides with indescribable grace to me for embrace. Her hands and body exude love and warmth. My whole experience of living stops and is completely captured in her love for me, her love of Life. Tears begin flowing down my face. I pull away.

Carl: Ok, this is the most “in love” I’ve ever felt times 10. What is this?

Socrates: (dryly) Connection to family. You know these two.

Angel 1: Quite well. (comes in for a Bro hug, that again is off the charts from any male-bonding experience imaginable. The Angel holds my face in both of his powerful hands, puts his forehead to mine and speaks softly but in total command)

You’ve almost won. Finish strong.

(The Angel pulls back, keeping his hands on my shoulders.)

Thank you for your Service.

(Regaining the strength in my legs from this unique experience of being fully appreciated, known, and totally loved)

Angel 2: (sweeps back in to touch my upper arm, allowing me to “see” what she says. She feels all at once like my Divine Mother, Sister, soul-mate, and all the elegant simplicity of a child. The energy is overwhelmingly attractive, and all I can do is allow its presence as best I can manage, for I have no clue how to relate to this next-Dimensional experience of Divine Love. Her touch communicates that Mom/Sister/Wife/Child is here to help for what obviously should be said, but Dad/Brother/Child will engage me to see for myself)

The Evil is mirrored. Hold this to Heart: our embrace of The Evil, to feel and know all of it, opens proportional Heaven.

Angel 1: The deeper you descend into Hell…

Carl: The higher the Heaven.

That’s deep. Or high. Or both.

Socrates: I hope it’s true. (to me in humor) Angels: they promise everything.

Greatest employee motivation program ever created.

Carl: (in total love with both Angels) Yes. I’m fully invested.

Angel 1: (full laugh that’s attractive more than I ever imagined possible) Do you expect any less of us, Socrates?

Angel 2: (eyes roll) There is just too much male energy with you three. (to me) This is our promise to you, our Angel.

(Another hug that I feel shatters a shell around my heart to increase the interchange of energy from her radiance of Love to my dimmer light. I feel my “heart” absorb the refined and more powerful Love. I become more centered yet powerful than ever)

All is well, Carl. This is the birth of a new and beautiful species we’ve all loved into the Light.

(Her touch shows me how Love embraces The Evil: full knowledge and absorption to experience The Evil, co-resonate with it, then offer options to exist in a domain where others are welcome to join that experience of dominating hierarchy of material focus, or surrender the experience to return Home to total love and inclusion to create newly. The co-resonance of the Angels “rescuing” The Evil and its victims allows a breakthrough in experience and expression for virtue: a mirrored creation.)

Angel 1: We have the equations to demonstrate the mirrored benefits, Brother. But you’re so in love with the Divine Feminine at the moment, what’s the calling of your existence you feel more strongly than ever?

Carl: I serve this Divine Mother, Brother. She is my Queen. I go to Hell for Her.

(to the male Angel) But you and me (grin), we negotiate.

Angel 1: I love this guy!

(We all turn to see May sprinting toward the male Angel, knowing/feeling that Plato shared that the two new best friends could play with him. The animals communicate via simple mental images and feelings that I translate in good faith into language for human readers. Plato gives a hunting shriek as his hops bring him aloft to circle behind the Angel. May is at full ferocity, rushing from the front to get the Angel’s attention to allow Plato’s attack from behind.

The male nods sideways to me, asking for some room to move. I step aside. Angel 1 is now light on his feet, as May threatens to nip his ankles with gentle force, barking fiercely but I feel clearly in feint as Plato has the Angel’s head lined up for a clawed “attack.” The male Angel smiles, stops, and lowers his arms. Just as Plato shrieks again, now claws extended forward in intent to “pat” the Angel on the back of the neck, the male explodes his arms in a circle backwards and up as he does a forward flip. The Angel’s bare feet meet Plato’s body perfectly under his wings to grab, decelerate, and toss the bird into the surprised wolf.

Both animals tumble comically backward, ending their “attack” in a heap of feathers and hair. The animals lift their heads together, gazing at the Angel.)

Angel 1: (To the animals) Again in the water?

(He sprints to the pier, which has a springboard end over a floating inflated cushion about ten feet wide and extending about 30 feet into the water. The Angel finishes his sprint with an athletic high spring-driven leap 30-40 feet high, then to hit the cushion with explosive force. He rebounds perhaps 100 feet high, pulls his arms in to spin at least three times, then grasps the approaching Plato mid-flight to tuck for a triple somersault before extending with Plato on his feet to cleanly dive into the water just as Plato ascends to hover just above the water with a roar. The Angel then explodes out of the water like a powerful swimming machine to throw a ball at May, now sprinting on the pier.

The “ball” hits May to form the flying vest, as May leaps onto the cushion for two hops and flailing leap into the water. Plato has dive-bombed the cushion to body-slam it then spin up with wings held close, then pop his wings open in the appearance of an animal angel in perfect deceleration.

The Angel has his own vest, and is now flying to try to catch May who is gaining skill to “run” in this new three-dimensional field to escape the chasing Angel.)

Carl: (to Socrates) Our fighter pilots’ skills are not lost, are they. Those skills for death in the skies are mirrored for play and higher-Dimensional defense, right?

Socrates: (watching the play with interest) And with all athletes and warriors of every kind. They only get better here.

Angel 2: (lightly touching my forearm again, so I can see what she says) Then those who find passion in those areas evolve into new species with those specialized skill-sets. This is how we love and expand our Family.

(The Angel allows me to feel their Heavenly love and connection to this evolving family that is also my own. The diversity and beauty is overwhelming. This is Home. My tears are now uncontrolled. I try not to sob, but must. The Angel strokes my head.)

You feel that you’ve been away forever. You volunteered for this lifetime in Hell among such diverse and wonderful Beings: your Galactic Family.

(I feel my Mother is here, and I am completely in comfort in the stark contrast of Hell on Earth. Paradoxically, I simultaneously feel my Father also present, but being a complete goofball playing with his animal friends in wild abandonment. One Angel is above me holding me tight and adored, while the other is down competing with animals. I look to the water, as Plato and May are trying to coordinate flight patterns to catch the Angel. Plato is barking commands to May that she’s desperately trying to fulfill, but with the novice ability one would expect of a wolf’s first day of flight.

The Angel does an impossible down-dive then up-turn to catch May from underneath that exceeds her visual capacity to follow. The Angel embraces May and ascends up and out of sight in the clouds, with Plato slowly following up)

Socrates: (Dad-joke mode to me) But I imagine you’d tire of these experiences in Heaven, too, wouldn’t you, Carl.

Carl: (tears of joy, but no longer sobbing) So routine.

Angel 2: (sly smile, moving like a dancer towards Socrates) Socrates.

Socrates: (eyes wide, moving backwards from Mom’s hug) No, no… ok. Thank you.

The two embrace. Socrates is overwhelmed and sobs, burying his face into the Angel’s shoulder.

Carl: (after about 10 seconds, singing): “And then I saw her face…

Socrates: (raising his head, spending an eternity in the Angel’s eyes, and singing back) …now I’m a believer.”

Carl: (to the two of them) Now about Q.

(The Angel beckons me, now walking both of us with her arms around our waists toward the water. Again, you cannot imagine the next-Dimensional attraction. This time a “sofa” appears at her will, as the three of us recline comfortably to watch the empty water, as the three players are no longer in sight. Alcibiades and Sophia glide onto the sofa to rest on our laps in peaceful joy.)

Angel 2: Q is a fractal connection of all of Us into the relatively disturbed energy field Earth humans call Third-Dimensional reality. The Evil is a “gift from the Gods” Dimensions above ours.

(We feel Her experience that They, too, had a “war” to fight and win, but from what I can feel this began as an experiment based in creative rebellion from a frustrated Goddess.”

Carl: So Q is a relatively new and uniting magnet for truth and reconnection to All?

Angel 2: (moving her angelic head next to mine, again filling my senses in love)

Build what you most desire, and you’ll have it.

(I’m again overwhelmed with the Angel’s presence all at once as Mother, Mate, and Child literally and figuratively at my side encouraging my highest ideals be put into action.)

Do you want Heaven on Earth, Carl?

Carl: Yes, ma’am.

Angel 2: Your pathway is clear.

Carl: Expose and end The Evil. Heal the planet. Build Heaven as best we imagine.

(grins) Easy as writing a football play that ends in a touchdown.

Angel 2: (understated) We’ve had a tough opponent this game.

Socrates: Killer offense and defense. Took me out.

Angel 2: It’s more like Middle School boys breaking into an Elementary School game.

Carl: Like this? (I imagine a screen in front of us. Our “chair” responds for 98 seconds from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life)

Socrates: (snort) The Evil can try their game in The Evil Games tournaments if they wish. Most avoid being on the receiving end of such ass-kicking “competition.”

(The Angel provides a vision of young boys caught torturing insects, who respond with shame and indeed, they would not like giant insects pulling them apart [because such realities exist].)

Angel 2: And building Heaven is more like this. (She places us virtually in this auditorium for Britain’s Got Talent)

(Angel 1 “visions” into our conversation, and we know he has heard, seen, felt all. He stands among a host of Angels of all kinds, who radiate in all their Magnificence, and extend multi-Dimensionally beyond what I can see and sense. Their presence guarantees victory, as clearly as adults showing up to the Middle School boys’ “game.” I look to Angel 1 who simply answers: “Nothing can stop what’s coming. Enjoy The Show.” They and he vanish.

Carl: (after reflection, to the two beside me) But we don’t enjoy much, as we’re still in Hell responding to destructive forces, and fans still cheering the psychopath-Satanists.

Socrates: While we speak as clearly as we can: The Emperor has no clothes.

Earth’s victory will happen nearly as quickly as that analogy.

Carl: We know for sure that Q is connected to President Trump, who is connected to White Hats with known arrests and disclosures. What you add is that White Hats are connected to Angels.

Angel 2: (turning to kiss Socrates on the cheek) Who so lovingly are connected with and Serve Us.

(Socrates transforms before me into an energy I know as the same sweet little boy I was, who would do anything for his Mother.)

Carl: This is such a precious experience. Thank you, both.

If people serve the highest virtues, the highest Angels and Gods they imagine, the greater the connection to that level of virtue?

Socrates: And the further down into Hell We go to Serve. It feels like fighting to Us, and We grow in strength on the journey.

Carl: And the fallen are heroes, for they expose enemy fire that We then attack and destroy?

Angel 2: And as you boys see it, only winnable now.

Angels Dimensions above rushed to respond to the creative actions of a wildly creative and powerful Goddess. We all needed help with this gift from Above.

(She again shows us a pattern of energy moving “downward” from Dimensions causing disruption, like a vase dropped through the air to shatter only after a fall, and in a domain below the “drop-point.” I sense the original Goddess’ intention to prove something to Her Family, only to discover wiser Angel’s messages of caution proved true. Her family rushed to help the injured Angel, shattered “living vase,” and impacted environment. Sorry: that’s as close as I can describe the Angel’s vision. I sense the female energy’s total love, embrace, and healing the disturbance back into harmony, while the male energy rushed in to “attack” the problem with ferocious multi-Dimensional movement in analytic genius, total bravery to become the damaged beings themselves so as to “know the problem,” then apply scientific efficiency to best resolve the disturbance.)

Carl: The Evil is a Life-form Who feels foreign to the environment it found itself in. It’s the frustrated child of the frustrated Goddess who created it. It’s somehow experiencing separation from its Source, and finding no creative outlet. The Evil indeed needs its own safe place to create, or to “fold those cards” dealt to play another hand.

Socrates: Exactly.

Angel 2: What’s being born is beautiful, Brothers. Oh, the original disruption took considerable 3-D time to contain. None of us imagined the power of this life-form as an expression of our “Season of Separation.”

(We again see what she says. We are dreams of Gods somewhere beyond our ability to sense. Those fractal patterns find form at our level of Divinity, spurring our choices. We who address The Evil are the response team to embrace this Divine Creation, and motivated by our choice to repair and heal the disruption/separation from this powerful Goddess.)

It’s all a gift from the Gods, of course.

(She gives an image of a child’s drawing with elements of destruction. All children are curious, learn, and at Higher Dimensions those dreams become real for us at this level.)

Carl: (trying to put into language the vision) So this “Season of Separation” was from a relatively younger Goddess who somehow created this disharmony?

Angel 2: And now has the family responding to this cry for attention, yes. (indicating Angel 1) At least those of us not playing, or exploring, or working.

The new birth forces our own growth into unimaginable new Beings. That’s why The Evil is a “gift from the Gods.”

Socrates: The “two” sides are always from the One Source, of course.

Carl: Alright, we’re in a Divine Play. So there We were, minding our own business, then BOOM! There’s The Evil?

Angel 2: (holding my hand to see/feel what She sees/feels)

We’re all Divine Programs, only given choices within our natures to perform or rebel. We have Visions of these “gifts of Gods” as both intentional code insertions to discover/enjoy how we respond, and some appear “accidental” “coding errors.”

All along the fractal chain of creation, We interact with Divinely-destructive code.

Socrates: (eyebrow raised) This level of “code disruption” is unprecedented in the experience of all under several Dimensions above ours, but not unprecedented in our known history.

And so far, our particular area of coding has survived being over-written.

The Angel closes her eyes in honor of all the fallen Kingdoms of Angels. We feel the weight of history: there is no certainty of survival.

Socrates: (to me) Makes for interesting conversation.

Angel 1 comes flying down from the clouds, followed by Plato’s magnetic lead of May behind him. Angel 1 gracefully slows, while Plato gently tosses a thirsty May to a solidifying water bowl, extending from an arm reaching her materializing cushion at our feet. Plato lands, wills a water bowl into existence, and drinks.

Angel 1: (to me) Hey, Gramps. Want to play?

Carl: (interested, and to Socrates) What do you say, Gramps?

Socrates: You mean (as he rises to stand out of his up-moving then retreating chair) have a race to the pier to see who has the better leap and bounce with style points?

Carl: (rising) A race. Ok.

Socrates: (to Alcibiades) He doesn’t think a fat old man like me can beat him because he’s so proud he does sprints in his tennis training.


Carl: (I line up on the beach next to Socrates for an even start to the pier only about 30 yards away) Ready.

Socrates: You’re not ready to sprint without warming-up. (He takes both my hands in his.) Feel this. Take deep breaths. Move a little.

(He shuffles and turns, as I try to mirror. I feel heat from Soc’s hands go up my arms through my core, then pumped throughout my body. After 10 breaths, I feel fully warm.)

You were going to sprint without warming up. That’s dumb.

Carl: Well, yeah, ok. But I… (to Al) Yeah, I don’t think this is going to much of a race.

Socrates: (facing me rather than the pier, in Dad-joke mode) Neither do I.


(I brace for acceleration)

Socrates: Go.

(I take a quick step only to discover Socrates has locked his two hands around my left wrist. He sets his heavy weight to maximize my rebound, pivots, then uses his right hand under my core to lift and powerfully throw me about 15 feet behind the start line after I hit and roll twice. I scramble to begin sprinting, only to be amazed that Socrates is moving like an NFL lineman in practiced run. When I hit the pier, I know I’ve lost but want to catch-up as much ground as possible.

I telepathically hear/see/sense/feel both Socrates and Angel 1 warn, “Wait” along with a preview of my hitting the rebounding cushion in flux so as to be comically flung in the air out of control. I slow down, as Socrates adds in jest, “You’re right. Better if you go.” I slow, hearing May running behind me as Al buzzes over me, gently tapping the top of my head with the backs of his claws.

Socrates takes a hearty jump at the springboard, explodes up about 40 feet, descends in perfect balance to disappear into the float, only to rebound higher than the Angel. He does two turns, one forward flip, then with Alcibiades perfectly landing on both his shoulders, the hawk-parrot and he point wing and finger at me, then bring both hands and wingtips together to explode them apart as Socrates cuts into the water. Just in time, Alcibiades leaps with power-beats to laugh at me.

May, errrrrrrrs excitedly, sprints to hop onto the cushion twice to be tossed un-athletically off-balance but happily into the water. Her vest expands at Socrates command, which he then magnetically pulls to his now reclined and floating position in the same chairs I’ve seen everywhere here. He smiles that May is out of the way, and he’s ready for my performance.

I accelerate, take what I estimate as a medium springboard, but am surprised to be thrown about 20 feet high. I’m slightly off-balance and hit the cushion, which turns my center-of-gravity down and to the right. Now I’m flung about 40 feet high, and use my arms and legs to over-correct to the left. I recover to get my feet together, then disappear with moderate impact into the clear, clean water.

I feel Angel 1’s presence, and that he would have tipped me a little if I was going to land painfully. I feel both Angels as protective parents giving us permission to play under their watchful attention.

Carl: (now afloat in water that feels energizing and pure on my skin, and in workable shorts and t-shirt I had slept in at the start of this day)

Hey Soc, can we try those flying vests?

Socrates: (grabbing a “ball” from the chair, he tosses it at me. I catch it, and see the material form a vest, with thin layer all around me.)

It’s a time-displacement device coordinated with your will. You direct your body through 3-D space, but only within the force limits of the vest to protect any impact. So you’ve got about 200 mph to play with, if you want it.

(May has activated her vest to wriggle toward me, as I test float about 10 feet above the water. May circles around me, then accelerates toward Angel 2, now joined by Angel 1 on the cushion. Sophia has moved onto Angel 1’s lap for a massage. The two older boys are flying toward us, as Al calls everyone up to create a game. May circles back and up, and the four hawks, one wolf, Soc and I float to visualize the hawks’ favorite game: capture the queen. The hawks all squawk “Hawks vs. Earthers! Hawks! Earthers!” Socrates telepathically agrees, then asks us to follow him to one side of the island’s shore while the four hawks go to the other visible end. Both teams start about 1,000 feet in the air.

Socrates: (both telepathically and verbally so May and I understand, like a quarterback drawing out the play in a weekend football game.)

May’s the queen. She has to get to my patio on the mainland without being tagged: for them a strong beak or claw. We can tag and take them out with a strong arm or leg strike. May’s tag is a good bite.

They’re overconfident. They outnumber us with expert flyers 4 to 3, and I have two rookies. But we outsmart them, so here’s the play
(he projects a 3-D map with our being avatars he wills on the playbook to move):
May goes up to the center of the channel about 6,000 feet. May, your job is to get the two older boys to chase you. They’ll accept your challenge if you insult them. (May growls in acceptance) You dive as fast as you can to about here (pointing at the 3-D interface), straighten out, and fly fast to home for the win. I’ll either take out or force the boys off you.
Carl goes along the shoreline to bait Plato into a duel AFTER May engages the boys. Insult Plato good. He’ll bite. You take him to the edge of the visible shoreline as far as he’ll go. He’ll pull off you after he realizes he’s been lured out of combat. Then go full speed straight to the home flag with May. DO NOT ENGAGE THE ENEMY. (penetrating glare) You are red meat, Rookie. Each of those four EASILY kill you. You are out of your league, got that, genius? (I nod) You have a good chance to stay alive because these suits make us as fast as they are. Keep your distance.
Ready? Let’s go! (I sense the team protecting the queen initiates the game, and a fast start stops defensive planning.)

(Socrates gives a battle cry that May echoes. I take off on the right flank ready to veer toward Plato. May is ascending toward the middle of the channel with Socrates lurking below.

May fiercely telepaths to the boys an image of every bird she’s ever known flying away in fear, and with the challenge if these bird-brains have anything better. She flashes images of her “shake and break” death bite she practices on toys several times daily, asking if the boys have anything more than her squishy starfish toy.

The boys bite, and gain altitude to follow May’s vector.

Socrates and I enjoy an extra-Dimensional communication advantage over the animals, with Socrates amplifying to me what he reads from the hawks’ telepathy. Alcibiades has targeted Socrates, and is overjoyed at the start of this battle: the hawks have a 2-on-1 advantage on the queen, Socrates is loitering in the middle of the field, and “slug-boy” (that’s me) has volunteered to be slaughtered.

I verbally and telepathically assault Plato: “Try a man rather than a toy, bird-boy!” I project a straight attack that indeed draws Plato off the center of the field to meet. We streak at top speed toward each other, until I feel Socrates’ “Turn to shore, NOW!” to veer off and around Plato down the shoreline. Plato turns to follow, confident he can hunt me down from behind.

Plato glances toward the center, now recognizing this is one of Socrates’ “plays” and sees for himself that “red meat” took him away from the primary objective to capture the queen while isolating his father with the dangerous Socrates. Plato emits, “Broken eggs!” and turns sharply to re-engage the center. I bank to my left, now about 5 seconds behind Plato, now at full speed to his father.

Al is doing a figure-8 as Socrates floats motionless in the center of the field. Al knows, too, that this is one of Socrates’ “magic plays” that he’s trying to learn, but with his animal brain unable to see that far into the future to anticipate. But he’s looking, seeking.

Socrates smiles in empathy to Alcibiades. “Yes, my friend, this is a play. Can you see what’s coming next?” Socrates rotates onto his back, in pretend to “sleep” in the air, then rotates to explode at full speed toward the vector meeting point of May and the boys, just as Al turns away from him in his figure-8 holding pattern.

Socrates’ angle is perfect, as May is at full speed being chased by the boys for a kill shot when she has to straighten-out over the water. Al suddenly recognizes the plan, and shrieks to his older sons that Socrates is on them. The boys, however, are so target-focused and arrogant with just a few seconds before killing the queen and winning the game that they respond with “whatever, Dad.”

Socrates’ intercept has him literally slap one brother upside the head, initiating his flight suit to slightly bubble on impact, as he tumbles away in “death,” with a cry. The other brother turns his attention slightly as May has begun leveling-out to avoid a water crash (and game “death”), sooooo excited with a kill only to see Socrates foot explode onto his face.

May flattens her dive, heading for the flag, proud of executing one of the moves she learned earlier.

Victory is assured.

Al sees the loss of the game, turns back to Plato, and calls, “2-on-1” to attack Socrates and at least take him down. Socrates calls to me to go full speed after May to his patio, and that the two hawks usually disengage because one is likely to die, as Socrates is the superior fighter.

I sense/feel Al and Plato: they want the kill and don’t care if one dies attacking Socrates. I vector to Soc, and call May, “To Socrates!” May instantly banks, and rushes back teeth bared. I com Soc: “May and I have one, you have the other. Who do you want?” Soc: “No! All three on Al! Get the sure kill on Al, then defend May with your life! May, you’re the bait: feint on Al! Go! Go! Go!”

The aerial combat was over in a relative moment:
Al accelerated toward May, planning to shield Socrates away while Plato finished May.
My targeting Al gave an attack window he couldn’t defend for 3-on-1, that he realized with no time to escape. He took a chance at May for a mutual death blow for claws on jaws.
Socrates again expertly anticipated Al’s move to intercept a micro-second before May’s death, with an open-hand strike on Al’s neck that tumbled him down and away in “death.”
Just before Soc struck, he shouted to me, “Turn now!” that I anticipated, and banked as Plato was lining-up an easy kill of May on her flank.
My turn had Plato in my sights for a kill blow before he could get May, causing Plato to veer for the 1-on-1 he wanted. He began weaving like a football running back with such rapid angle change that I knew I was about to die.
I had no time to plan, so braced for impact in a defensive crouch prepared to either kick or punch. My kick hit nothing but air, as Plato easily adjusted up and around for both claws to impact my left shoulder, that jolted and spun me away in “death” as my suit inflated to take the impact.

Spinning out of control, I caught a glimpse of Socrates feinting a kill blow on Plato’s recovery, forcing Plato to dive just below a waiting May who pounced for a death bite to the top of Plato’s neck.

Socrates laughed and followed his feint to swoop and embrace the still-tumbling Plato, and lead the group of 7 up to about 1,000 feet above the water, all in a big circle as Socrates opened a 3-D hologram for the game’s replay.

All actors watched in interest. The older brothers argued, “I only chased her because you did.” “No, you started! I followed you!” Al and Plato were focused as serious students of aerial combat, as I saw/felt that Socrates did these war-games and training 3 times every week with them. I sensed this was exactly like humans becoming martial artists easily capable to defend against the strongest untrained attackers. May was excited over her kill, and didn’t understand much of the replay.

Socrates: Let’s go home.

(As custom to this game, we flew back in V-formation with victor-MVP Socrates in the lead, Al to his left and Plato to his right. I shadowed Plato, with one of the boys behind me. Al engaged Socrates for more details of his “magic plan” which Socrates began charting on a smaller hologram as we headed back to the Angels and Sophia on the beach sofa and chairs. Plato glanced back to me, “Nice sacrifice. You saved your queen and Alpha while killing both enemy Alphas. Honor.”

“Beginner’s luck,” I replied with appreciation of his obvious training to so easily kill me. “We had a great Captain.”

Socrates chimed in, “Thank you for saving my life for yours. But you risked our queen.” May and I instantly retorted we would never abandon Socrates to “win” anything.

The boys finished their argument, “Stupid, let’s go back to Socrates’ classes.” “Ok, stupid. 4-on-3, they had two cripples, and we lost. Weak!” I sense an agenda of Angel 1 to use this game to help Sophia teach her oldest boys the importance to taking their hunting seriously.

We arrived at the beach, with the exhausted birds taking separate cushions to cool-off and drink, as the free-forming furniture created umbrellas and a fan for each hawk.

May ran to Angel 1, stopped to respectfully offer her nose to Sophia, then covered the Angel’s face with kisses.

Socrates and I took recliners in front of the Angel couple, now with Soph and May on their laps.

A tray extended to Soc and me with what looked like a golden milk and one cookie. I knew it came from Mom, who I looked at with a grin of thanks, took a sip, and felt instantly relaxed after the hype of combat.

Carl: (to all) So this is Heaven?

Angel 1: (in humor, as to a child) Is it?

Carl: (I looked) It’s only the Heaven I’m able to imagine living in Hell. Free beings would create something at least as noble, at least as fun.

We doing battle on Earth have no idea what real freedom means.

But I’d like to find out.

Socrates: (plucking a cookie piece from his beard to place in his mouth, nodding to me.)

Exactly the point of my invitation for your readers and you to visit us here: whatever Q is, it’s an opening for magnetic attraction among those ready to build Heaven on Earth.

Expose The Evil. Offer choice to the people as you help lead the attack. Enjoy the overwhelming victory as people embrace their own Divinity.

(In an instant, all of us stopped everything in our consciousness as Angel 2, the Divine Feminine, began to hum. Her voice resonated through out bodies in irresistible call. We all turned to her to accept the gift of vibrational love blessing every fibre of our body and Being.

She began singing in a language that sounded something like Gaelic.

I couldn’t understand the words, and felt the telepathy of a song called, “Warriors come Home.” Her attractiveness, again, is indescribable in words. I was so totally captivated, I caught myself with my mouth open. Her song was of what awaits the Warriors’ Homecoming:
Love for All from All in Beauty of community (as I experience here).
Inspirational projects up and down fractal connections.
All Divine Sisters give their hearts to Warriors defending Home.
The song ends as it began: Warriors come Home.

As her song’s vibrations subside from the reverberation inside my body, I wipe tears from my eyes, as does Socrates.

The song, the day, my life in Hell on Earth battling Satanists amidst captured slave-humans, contrast so sharply that I involuntarily chuckle.

Socrates: (wiping his eyes, in curiosity) What’s so funny?

Carl: Contrast, Brother. Contrast.

(Socrates shares with me the scene of his own chuckle among his last breaths before death 2,400 years ago in concurrence.)

Angel 2: (Rises to glide three steps between Socrates and me. She athletically lowers on both knees, places a hand over both of our foreheads to brush back our hair, in a touch of Divine appreciation for Lifetimes of work.)

Close your eyes. Rest for awhile.

I obey my Mother/Sister/Mate/Friend.

I sense Angel 1’s Spirit with us as we drift to the gentle sound of ocean lapping sand behind us, gentle wind cooling our skin, rustling of palm fronds above and in front.

The Angel shows us an image of our family, our Divine inter-Dimensional family of species unimaginably rich in diversity, form, and biology. All of them are in Love as We are: in Love with Love, in Love with Life, and in Love with each other.

All join Our Mother’s song celebrating Home.

Angel 1: (softly) More after you rest.

Next: (9 of 9): The most important historical context for human beings to embrace: Earth has had ancient advanced technological civilizations from ET involvement that seem to be the genesis of our current evil-bloodline .01% empire-class. That is, the war in the present is a continuation of evil alien invasion from the past: I challenge you to see the evidence for yourself and see if you have a more accurate conclusion.