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Amid Taliban Rule, a NATO Supply Line Is Choked

The attack provided the latest evidence of how extensively militants now rule the critical region east of the Khyber Pass, the narrow cut through the mountains on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border that has been a strategic trade and military gateway since the time of Alexander the Great.

Khyber’s downward spiral is jeopardizing NATO’s most important supply line, sending American military officials scrambling to find alternative routes into Afghanistan through Russia and Central Asia. Three-quarters of troop supplies enter from Pakistan, most of the goods ferried from Karachi to Peshawar and then 40 miles west through the Khyber Pass into Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To the military folks who "allegedly planned" this occupation of Afghanistan; did you not realize that there was going to be a finite upper limit as to what the Afghani and Pakistani people would be willing to bear in terms of the killings of their moms, their kids, their sisters, their friends by US and NATO forces?!?

The real amazement here was not that this kind of Taliban reaction came, but that it has come so late in the occupation., yet NATO and US military commanders seemed surprised, and appeared to never have seen this coming.

THAT really took a colossal failure of imagination.

You cannot win hearts and minds with aerial bombing raids, because the raids guarantee two things, and two things only.

First, you will be causing a tremendous deal of collateral damage (i.e., killing women, infants, the medically infirm and the elderly)

Second, you are going to radicalize those left standing even more strongly against the very governments the US and NATO are trying to prop up through these bombings.