ANZ staff 'outraged' over David Hisco company spending revelations: union | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

ANZ staff 'outraged' over David Hisco company spending revelations: union

The union for retail bank workers says ANZ staff are reeling over news that former chief executive David Hisco spent company money on a chauffeur and wine storage.

Yesterday the country's largest bank announced that Hisco would be departing his $3 million plus a year job immediately following an investigation which alleged he "mischaracterised" certain personal expenses as business expenses.

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Those expenses which ran into the "tens of thousands of dollars" over Hisco's nine-year stint as chief executive included personal use of chauffeur-driven cars and storage of wine in Australia - his country of birth.

*The ANZ chairman for NZ is Sir John Key. Covering up for his buddy. John Key is a Banker from way back. He used to work for Merrill Lynch, in which he became head of global foreign exchange in 1995. Key worked with a currency trader who mounted a brutal speculative attack on the New Zealand dollar, which entered trading legend for its scale, audacity and profitability. It even prompted Reserve Bank fears that the dollar could collapse. When asked about it, he said "it's just part of doing business". He wasn't called the 'smiling assassin' for nothing.