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Are You An Anti-Semite?Do You Know Someone Who Is?

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." -Mark Twain

Jimmy Carter has traveled a lot in the Middle East. He brokered a peace deal between Israel and Egypt long ago. I hadn't known Jimmy Carter hated Jews and Arabs---Semitic people--until some Jewish people informed me he did. Seems the former president wrote a book about the causes of friction in the so-called Holy Land. As anyone could have told Carter, the causes of friction go back several thousand years and can be traced to one key issue.


The Jews hate the Arabs (who are Semites) as much as the Arabs hate the Jews (who are Semites). Yet they trace their lineage back to a common ancestor.

Nowadays, if anyone should speak or write a critical remark about US-Israel policy, or the fact that Israel had a very close, uncomfortably close, connection to the 911 "terror" attack and the subsequent cover up, those critics are labeled anti-Semitic. As if we somehow hated the Arabs and Jews simply because we critics saw some very real connection between Saudi hijackers and Israeli celebrants on September 11, 2001.

Are YOU an anti-Semite? Do you know someone who is? Take this simple test and find out. Don't be surprised if you discover some painful truths about yourself and your country.