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Arising, another VietNam in the Philippines?

US troops in Capiz military exercises 'confined to barracks' due to NPA threat
01/30/2009 | 01:32 PM

MANILA, Philippines — American troops engaged in joint RP-US joint military exercises in Capiz are prohibited from leaving their barracks and the training area without permission from Philippine authorities.
"Exercises involve 141 personnel of the 3ID and 31 US soldiers, mostly trainers.
Training exercises will be held within the training area of the military camp and 11 training activities including civic-military programs among residents in surrounding barangays.
Earlier, the 3ID said the joint military exercises aim to develop the skills of its personnel and enhance the interoperability of US and Filipino troops.
But the CPP said that the exercises and the one planned in Bicol in April "signal stepped-up US military intervention and direct involvement of US troops in the AFP's counterrevolutionary war against the New People's Army."
It said the exercises are being conducted in these areas "to pave the way for the US to gain more access to the NPA's areas of operation and thus be able to give more advice in the field and increasingly participate in direct and indirect intelligence, combat and other military operations against the revolutionary forces.",thousands-of-us-troops-...
Thousands of US troops to join annual war games in Philippines
Posted : Thu, 29 Jan 2009 08:00:09 GMT