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Attack of the Heebie Jeebies

The final days of the McCain campaign are giving us a mighty spew of Fearonomics. Over on CNBC there have been numerous attempts to link the stock market decline to Obama's rise in
the polls, and the main assertion is that higher taxes on corporations and rich people is forcing those potential victims of Obamanomics to sell what they have now and to avoid new capitalist ventures (which could not possibly succeed in the Marxist paradise which will be the USA under Comrade Obama...)

These attacks on our sanity make about as much sense as the reports of massive gun buying in Texas because of the potential win by Obama. Sure, some people feel the need for more guns, and what is wrong with that -- it doesn't mean that after the election there will be riots in the streets one way or another. It's all too simplistic, and hence we know it is just more propaganda. Look at the source of the rumors and assertions.