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Auschwitz Death Camp Doctors' Documents Found

Food coupons for some of the notorious Nazi doctors at the Auschwitz death camp – including perhaps the sadistic Dr. Joseph Mengele – have been found in the attic of a nearby house, where they had lain unseen for decades.

Also found in the attic were other documents relating to the lives of Nazi officials, including death certificates and a map.

Some sugar coupons bear the names of Horst Fischer and Fritz Klein, doctors who were executed for their crimes after the war, Adam Cyra, a historian at the Auschwitz memorial museum who is looking through the documents, said Monday.

"The sensational value of this discovery is in the fact that these original documents, bearing the names of main murderers from Auschwitz, were found so many years after the war," Cyra said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ah yes, it's Passover, so let us wave Nazis at everyone one more time. Yet note carefully that there is nothing in the newly found documents that supports the claim that Aushwitz was anything other than a forced slave-labor camp. The various appellations applied, such as "sadistic", and "murderer" are the preconceptions of the article author and the museum curator.

Now, do not get me wrong. The Nazis were total assholes for much the same reason that the present US government are assholes, for their constant invasion of other countries, the looting of their resources, and the use of torture.

But truth is the first casualty of war and there is little doubt that the slave-labor camps in Nazi Germany in which millions of all races (including even Germans) died of Typhus epidemics, have been "spun" into death camps pointed solely at the Jews, to trick the world into allowing Israel to do to Palestine, what the world united to prevent Hitler from doing to Poland.