Avalanche Crashes into Swiss Restaurant | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Avalanche Crashes into Swiss Restaurant

Severe snow storms are raging across the European Alps. An avalanche has burst though the windows of the Hotel Säntis Dining Room. Shocking photo, and interesting re Grand Solar Minimum, but so what?

Am having a reprise experience. I nearly lost my life on the Säntis--a school outing with a idiot leading, who told the kids as young as 8 that tennies would be enough. I was 16 and the only one with the sense to have worn climbing boots. Didn't stop severe frostbite, but I didn't die just then, and neither did anyone else.

A freak blizzard and gale force winds slammed us against the mountain. The leader did deer caught in the headlights, but managed to tell the kids to huddle. He eyed my boots, knew I was one of the few who spoke the lingo, and shouted for me to go for help. There was a restaurant on top of the mountain, otherwise reached by a gondola.

Longest climb of my life with tears freezing on my lashes and cheeks. I staggered into the restaurant. The Schnitzel-eaters seemed to think I was part of the entertainment, but a Swiss Mt. Guide grabbed me, asked rapid-fire questions and thrust my hands into cold water, poured brandy down my gullet. He was enraged when I begged him to save the children in the storm. He grabbed ropes, organized the competent and brought them all to safety, some kids on the backs of the men.