Barack Obama Eats Babies | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Barack Obama Eats Babies

Crunch. Slurp. Burp. "Another fetus please!"

Several years ago the late Christopher Reeves was lampooned in South Park, depicted as a maniacal fetus eater – stopping at nothing to consume nutritious embryonic stem cells.

I have recently received a number of emails from concerned family and friends regarding Barack Obama. In particular, his stance on abortion, stem cell research and infanticide.

While I will not delve into the topic of abortion, one of the repeated claims in the emails is that if elected, Obama would appoint a bevy of judicial activists who would turn the country into one big abortion machine.

Unwed teenagers, married yuppies, seasoned parents, pious nuns, even wholesome kindergarten teachers.

Under an Obama presidency, everyone would be encouraged and paid to have abortions. And they would be carried anonymously, quickly and with the convenience of getting an inebriated tribal tattoo.