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The Battle For The Soul Of Great Britain

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Conservative candidate Boris Johnson are in an epic battle for the soul of Britain.

Radical Marxist Corbyn
In a forced distribution scheme, Labour Proposes Workers to Get 10% of Company Shares

Rebecca Long-Bailey, the shadow business secretary, and John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, want big companies to give employees a 10% stake in their business and a seat on their boards.

They plan to renationalize rail, water, energy and Royal Mail, increase corporation tax and the minimum wage, and extend workers’ rights.

Companies doing business with the government will have bosses’ pay capped and there will be a tax on financial transactions.

Corbyn proposes sheltering the homeless and forcing homeowners to sell their homes to renters at a "reasonable" price, set by the government.

Look to Venezuela for what happens when countries renationalize industries and seize private property for the "good of everybody".

Corbyn's Brexit plan is to negotiate a deal with the EU, then hold a referendum on it.

The Guardian Live Blog reported this morning: John McDonnell has announced a radical Labour plan to commit £400bn of investment to what he called the twin crises of the climate emergency and social deprivation, saying “future generations would never forgive us.” if rapid action was not taken.

Centrist Johnson
Johnson is a centrist in most aspects. He supports more government spending, but let's instead call it investment.

I cannot come up with any proposal of Johnson that one could remotely be called "radical right", yet that is how Eurointelligence labeled Johnson this morning while also discussing Watson standing down as a Labour MP.

As an American journalist put it yesterday, quoting Yeats, the centre does not hold. Tom Watson is probably not the last centrist Labour MP to leave the political scene. What we find particularly depressing is that Watson's new ambition in life is to become a level 2 gym instructor and fitness book author.