Behind The Clinton 'Rescue' In North Korea | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Behind The Clinton 'Rescue' In North Korea

The capture of two US reporters of Chinese descent, who worked for Al Gore, and their subsequent rescue from North Korea's clutches by former President Bill Clinton was a setup from the beginning. Nothing reported about this story comes close to the real truth. As I covered the story in a prior brief, the initial capture of the reporters on the frozen Yalu River (where no one could prove which side of the China-NK border they were really on) was a predictable tactic used by North Korea to obtain secret concessions from the US. The two women were railroaded into a North Korean court and sentenced to hard labor in one of NK's notorious prison camps. This was done for the shock effect to illicit horror around the world. In reality, they never suffered a day of hard labor. The harsh sentence's only purpose was to stimulate world pressure on the US to do something to gain their release. The secret concessions NK would demand for their release had to be kept secret by the US, and trotting out Bill Clinton was the perfect cover.