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The Betrayal of the American Soldier

Someday, America’s Afghan Wars – the first was against the Soviet Union, 1979-1989; the second began with the post-9/11 invasion of that country and has never ended – may be seen as follies of an unprecedented sort. Certainly, the wars that invasion set off across the Greater Middle East and Africa helped ensure that a Pentagon incapable of winning anything abroad would nonetheless win the peace at home, big time, taking funds from everything that would end up mattering to Americans. Almost 19 years after that second Afghan War began, another of those infamous “corners” has been turned there, amid yet more Afghan suffering. A recent random coronavirus test of 500 people in Kabul, that country’s capital, produced more than 150 positive results. Multiply that across a land where hundreds of thousands of people have, under the worst possible conditions, only recently returned from Iran, a country in the gruesome grip of Covid-19, and you know that the forevermost American conflict of this century is now also a pandemic war.