Big Tech Censorship: Part 2 | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Big Tech Censorship: Part 2

It is no accident that so much Big Tech fact checking and labels appeared in the lead-up to the 2020 election. Millions poured into the efforts behind the scenes. We continue our report on Big Tech censorship by Following the Money.

Whistleblower Zach Vorhies says his bosses at Google were devastated by President Trump’s unexpected victory. Then-CEO of Google’s parent company Eric Schmidt was a major donor and volunteer for Hillary Clinton.

Beyond political activism, Big Tech also stepped up control over public information. When coronavirus hit, Google directed searches to the World Health Organization, the very group criticized for “let[ing] China take charge" and praising the communist nation where the pandemic reportedly started. Then came the mask disaster. Taking cues from public health guidance last March, many declared face masks "are NOT effective.” And Facebook banned ads “selling medical face masks.”

But if public health experts are now correct in their turnabout on masks, it was Facebook and fact checks that spread misinformation and cost lives.

Cindy Cohn heads up the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which supports free speech and open access to information.