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Blagojevich/Obama negotiations tapped?

Chicago Dominos Beginning To Fall - Where Might They Fall Next?

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"The Chicago-Way Corruption Scandal (now a new category here at the Strata-Sphere) is actually a legal domino effect that is just beginning to fall. First we had Rezko, then Blagojevich, and now the Deputy Governor of Illinois has resigned:

Deputy Gov. Bob Greenlee submitted his resignation Wednesday, Blagojevich spokesman Lucio Guerrero said. He did not say why he was resigning, Guerrero said.
Greenlee had served as deputy governor since Sheila Nix left the role earlier this year. Before then, he was a deputy chief of staff to Blagojevich and a top aide in the governor’s budget office.

I was wondering why there was a “Deputy Governor A” listed in the federal charges, now I know. Knowing Fitzgerald, I would guess part of Greenlee’s bargain for testimony is to step down. He is probably already singing to the Feds. Recall that Harris, the other person who is regularly coordinating with Blag was arrested. There has to be a reason Greenlee (who seemed to deeper into the extortion) is not in custody."

"I will get to one more snippet, but even at this point it is clear Fitzgerald has wiretaps of what must be negotiations between Blag’s people and Obama’s people (whether they are in the DNC or DC consultants or whatever organization that pays their salaries). Recall this is November 10th for all those keeping score on timelines and denials (like Axelrod’s denial about Obama talking to Blagojevich).

Blag is in tough negotiations, and the only people he could negotiate with like this are Obama’s. I would suspect there are phone records that will show these DC consultants in contact with people closer to Obama as they negotiating goes back and forth and ideas need to be cleared with Command Central."