Blair survives Iraq Inquiry without a scratch | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Blair survives Iraq Inquiry without a scratch

Stuart Littlewood considers the failure of the Iraq Inquiry rigorously to question former Prime Minister Tony Blair about his decision to join the US in committing aggression against Iraq, and reflects on Blair’s use of the inquiry as a platform to promote aggression against Iran.

”What has been so obvious to the general public all along is that Blair and his co-criminals – the supine cabinet and the main opposition party – failed to exercise due diligence, the thorough investigation and careful regard for information and legal considerations normally expected of a commercial organization before making a large-scale investment. Obviously something similar, at minimum, should apply within government when planning to risk vast sums of taxpayers’ money, innocent lives and national reputation in an armed assault on another country for questionable motives, and for which the leadership might afterwards be held to account."