BLM extremists block ER entrance, chant ‘death to police,’ ABC covers it up | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

BLM extremists block ER entrance, chant ‘death to police,’ ABC covers it up

Overnight, two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were hospitalized and fighting for their lives after a man walked up to their cruiser and opened fire in an ambush-style attack. After the deputies were rushed to the hospital, a crowd of Black Lives Matter extremists swarmed the Emergency Room entrance, blocking admittance while they chanted “death to police” and “we hope they die.” Come Sunday morning, ABC’s Good Morning America noted the shooting but omitted the extremists.

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In her report, ABC Los Angeles correspondent Zohreen Shah reported that the deputies “were alert enough right after the shooting to radio in their own help. Their department tweeting, ‘They are both are still fighting for their lives’ and ‘are in critical condition.’”

Adding: “Those deputies were identified as a 31-year-old mother of a 6-year-old and 24–year-old man. They were both sworn in 14 months ago according to the sheriff. Now the President has tweeted about the incident and the FBI is also now offering its help with finding the suspect.”

As evident by the transcript below, at no time did Shah or co-anchors Eva Pilgrim and Whit Johnson inform viewers about the Black Lives Matter extremists blocking admittance to the hospital.