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Blog Swarm Lessons? Palin Pays Off Sexual Harasser

Like a ripple in a pond, the troopergate scandal gave birth to the sexual harassment scandal, which was just a blip on the megamedia radar screen. Troopergate looks at whether Palin fired a state commissioner for not firing a state trooper, who coincidentally was divorcing her sister. Palin replaced the fired state commissioner with a fellow fundie who was officially reprimanded for sexual harassment. While the national media went on vacation, Alaska media wanted to know why she appointed a known sexual harasser. A local "media firestorm" culminated 2 weeks later in his resignation, which may have been "encouraged" by a $10,000 exit "bonus" from Palin. The chronology of this scandal shows how not even Palin, a graduate of the Bush/Cheney school of executive spin, can defeat a media firestorm and also illustrates how Palin is the right-wing's "feminist" darling by gender only.