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BP Live Webcam Working Again.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

BP is yammering on about how much oil they are pumping up from the destroyed Deepwater Horizon oil well and into a tanker, soon to be headed for your local gas station, and I am certain from BP's point of view, salvaging saleable product is a great improvement over the last going on fifty days of total losses.

But the issue for America and the world is not how much oil is being pumped into BP's tankers but how much is still flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.

As can be seen here, the problem is actually far worse than it was before. When the old riser pipe was still in place, it restricted the amount of oil flowing out of the broken BOP, but once that pipe was cut off for the LMRT, the flow became unrestricted and the LMRT failed to seal off the pipe as had been the plan.

In other words, the LMRT failed and BP failed and now things are much worse. If the reports of a second botched drilling sight leaking oil nearby are true, and/or if BP's statement about a broken safety valve 1000 feet below the floor of the Gulf of Mexico are true, then together with what we see here on this video there is no way to stop this thing. The drillers, as Tolkien would put it, delved too deeply and too greedily and woke the nameless horror that dwells in the dark. A real-life Balrog wreathed in flame and black smoke has awoken, and lays waste the halls of Moria!