BP Makes Largest Political Contribution in U.S. History | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

BP Makes Largest Political Contribution in U.S. History

The fund is a desperate maneuver by BP. Any corporation would look at Obama’s history regarding corporations in crisis and try to preempt the ‘a**-kicking’ effect.

Though too late for BP, there is still a broader hope. Feinberg is encouraging claimants to avoid the civil process and work directly with the BP Escrow Fund. He wants voters to eat out of their hands (sounds familiar), not pursue restitution through the legal process. What can you do? Don’t take their money.

No matter the mistakes or ill-intent of BP (to get them out of trouble by paying off a political machine), the citizens still hold the ultimate power. They must pursue their claims through the courts, guarantee a neutral oversight – a federal judge – and disallow the Obama administration from buying them off with somebody else’s money.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Some Gulf families and businesses absolutely do not have the time it would take to pursue their claims through the court systemwithout getting totally ruined financially, if they are not already there at this point.

What the US government should have done was to have had the inspections and "best safe practices" in place to have prevented this disaster, and in this respect, have failed the people who have been effected miserably.