Bush embarks on final overseas mission | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Bush embarks on final overseas mission

President Bush departs Friday for his final scheduled foreign trip as commander in chief - a three-day jaunt to an economic summit in Peru - where he will continue to defend free-market capitalism and meet with an increasingly antagonistic Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What part of "lame duck" is Bush having a difficult time comprehending?

Of course, comprehension and intelligence were never Bush's greatest attributes. Lying through his teeth convincingly, reading a teleprompter, and making some of the American people think he was telling the truth, were always his greatest assets (like when he sold the nation on the premise that Iraq's Hussein had nuclear weapons, which was a complete crock.)

And this "free market" he feels compelled to defend; you don't know whether to laugh or cry.

What has happened to the US economy has been de-regulation run amok, coupled with an untenable Federal deficit (courtesy of Bush's "wars without end." ) There is no way this government can ever, ever pay it back.

This administration and congress must imagine that the average taxpayer, already crushed with tax debt, is just a bottomless pit where more and more can be extracted. There are three words that need to be considered here, and they are "finite upper limit."

And as to an ".....increasingly antagonistic Russian President Dmitry Medvedev." Give me one good reason why Medevyev shouldn't be ticked off at the US and NATO right now?

With the dangling of potential NATO memberships at Ukraine and Georgia, the US and NATO are meddling right at Russia's back door, after promises to Putin that we wouldn't do that.

The US and NATO tacitly approved Georgia's military misadventure into South Ossetia.

And to top it all off, Israel is making noises about doing some kind of pre-emptive attack on Iran to prevent them from having nuclear weapons.. As reported in Times On Line:


"Such an operation would require at least tacit US cooperation because it would almost certainly involve Israeli warplanes flying through US-controlled airspace in Iraq."

And what country is Russia's 7th largest trading partner"


So is Medvedev feeling "antagonistic" toward the US?

Hell yes, and for damned good reason!!