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Bush officially gave Israel the go-to-it signal

US gives green signal to Israel to launch ground invasion of Gaza
Washington, Jan.3 : U.S. President George W. Bush's administration is reported to have given Israel the green signal to decided when it wants to send ground troops into the Gaza Strip to neutralise the Hamas once and for all.

Bush Blames War On Hamas 'Terror'
Yesterday, 01:32 pm
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President Bush has blamed Hamas for the bloodshed in the Middle East, which has so far left more than 400 people dead.
He used his weekly address to urge Arab countries to do more to stop militants firing rockets into Israel - which he described as an "act of terror".

Israeli forces have continued their air strikes on the Gaza Strip today, killing a senior Hamas commander, and militants have fired more than five rockets into Israel.

It came as tens of thousands of people protested around the world, calling for an end to the fighting.

Up to 20,000 people - including the singer Annie Lennox - are marching through London, calling on US president-elect Barack Obama to speak up against the bombardment of civilians in Gaza.

Mr Bush said he will not accept another "one-way" ceasefire in Gaza "that leads to rocket attacks on Israel".

Israel rolls its tanks into Gaza to storm Hamas rocket bases
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Last updated at 2:24 AM on 04th January 2009