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Buying Bitcoin (BTC) on PayPal Makes No sense If One cannot withdraw It

Someone who wished some transparency opined, it would be of great interest if PayPal would share with the market the volume of Bitcoin sales users accumulated in the first week of bringing this service to the masses.

One of the users asked, Can a Paypal user withdraw their Bitcoin they bought in Paypal into their own private wallets? The reply was that it will never be, as Paypal is not an exchange and you don‘t buy real tokens there, just contracts.

Despite all, users feel this is a huge step forward for increasing accessibility to $BTC. However, users feel that Buying Bitcoin with Paypal can be useless if it is not possible to withdraw it.


PayPal has its problems...

Tian Shan

Bitcoin and its complexities are one thing. Remember: "Don't Invest in Things You Don't Understand".

And using PayPal isn't a cure all if it adds to your woes:

1. Remember Mike's problems with PayPal?

2. I always refuse PayPal's offer to sign up with them. Never have. Never will.
I've read too often that PayPal froze many accounts, meaning, they withheld people's money--their own money! ("Account Suspended")

After I saw what Big Tech did with the 2020 election...


...I'll trust it with significant valuables, sure.