Cameron Invokes Thatcher with Cheap Propaganda Stunt | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Cameron Invokes Thatcher with Cheap Propaganda Stunt

Western power trying its best to destabilize foreign countries on the cheap...

With only weeks to go to the British national election and the re-election of a Conservative-led government in doubt after five years of brutal economic austerity, Cameron made the bizarre announcement last week that Britain is going to fund «free market reforms» and «good governance» in eastern European countries. The move invited comparisons with Cold War era British premier Margaret Thatche++r who at the end of the 1980s launched a similar programme to assist former Soviet Bloc countries adopt «free market reforms».

Evidently, Washington and London are concerned that their anti-Russian propaganda, masquerading as Western news, is not having quite the impact on public opinion that is intended. Alternative, real news out of Ukraine and on the Anglo-American belligerence towards Russia in eastern Europe is having a corrective, countervailing influence. That corrective is debilitating Washington and London’s policy of incitement against Moscow and demonizing Vladimir Putin in particular.