Canada reports first flu death as U.S. cases climb | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Canada reports first flu death as U.S. cases climb

The new H1N1 flu killed its first patient in Canada, making it the third country after Mexico and the United States to report a death from the virus that has made more than 3,400 people in 28 countries ill.


If you are one of those people that only read the headlines or the first paragraph, you will get the wrong impression from this article. And that's exactly what THEY are hoping for.

Read the comments to get a more objective opinion....

"Yes, but what this article fails to mention is that this woman had underlying chronic and serious health issues to begin with. I really hate that the media is trying to create a panic by constantly stating the "death toll" numbers. What they also fail to mention is that 100 times this many people die every year from the regular flu. C'mon!"

Our local paper NAILED this one perfectly. Are the turds in charge going to shut them down now?