Cancellation Chaos: $600 Billion In Boeing 737 Max Orders At Risk | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Cancellation Chaos: $600 Billion In Boeing 737 Max Orders At Risk

New evidence shows that the Boeing Co. 737 MAX which crashed in Ethiopia on Sunday may have experienced similar technical difficulties as the 737 MAX that crashed off Indonesia last year. The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) cited similarities with in-flight data of both planes when it spoke to global regulators about grounding the jet. With the company facing a pr disaster and loss of confidence with global airline carriers, there could be more than $600 billion in orders at risk of cancellation, reported Bloomberg.

VietJet Aviation JSC doubled its 737 MAX order last month to $25 billion, now the Vietnamese low-cost airliner is having second thoughts. Kenya Airways Plc is reviewing its contracts to purchase billions of dollars of the MAX and could even switch to Airbus SE's rival A320. Russia’s Utair Aviation PJSC is expected to take delivery of 30 MAXs but wants to seek guarantees the planes are not defective.


Lynch’s testimony is still not public


(*I hate repeating myself , but if it was up to me "If these facts , as alleged , are true" would win a pulitzer prize , for journalism , but the origin source took it out of the article , per lack of an active Smith-Mundt domestic propaganda prohibition bill , thanks to Obama reversing it's clout , and Trump b** ching a blue streak about fake news all the time , instead of sitting down in the presidential desk chair , at the presidential desk , in the presidential work space , known as The Oval Office , and reactivating the prohibition on domestic propaganda Smith-Mundt Act. , because "Lynch’s testimony is still not public" means we're presently looking at another alleged fact !)

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