Car bombs rock Baghdad hotels, 36 dead | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Car bombs rock Baghdad hotels, 36 dead

Three large car bombs rocked well-known Baghdad hotels on Monday, killing at least 36 people and ending a 1-1/2-month lull in coordinated assaults on the Iraqi capital as the country heads into a March election.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why is the US even still in Iraq? We were told the objectives of the war were revenge for 9-11, Saddam's "nooks", and Iraq's support for al Qaeda.

There were no nuclear weapons or any weapons of mass destruction. As it turns out, Saddam was in compliance with the United Nations (unlike Israel).

We have both Dick Cheney and Former President Bush on tape admitting Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. The only people arrested on the day of 9-11 turned out to be Mossad.

Iraq was never aiding "Al Qaeda" (many of whom turned out to also be Mossad). Al Qaeda claims to desire theocratic rule and Iraq was the only secular government in the region.

So why are we still there when it is clear that the Iraqi people want us all to leave?