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CBC can't admit Obama welcome a bust

I doubt Obama felt the magic. He couldn't fail to notice the low turnout. But you'd have to be a special kind of dupe to stand in the snow for no reason.

After a couple of seconds of almost being able to see this latest manufactured celebrity waving through plexiglass, about half the crowd disappeared. That troubled the news folks who felt they had to make excuses for the departed. They've probably just gone to lunch and will be back later - cuz, hey, there's excitement out here! It's phenomenal. And later, well, you know, it's cold out - but there's still a lot of people here! It's phenomenal.

Not cold for Canada, folks!

If the planned local message to Obama to stop the war in Afghanistan actually took place, you didn't hear about it in the media. The only signs allowed on screen were the ones that said "Welcome" to Obama, and the only people shown on TV were the mindless sheep who said things like, "He'd going to make the world right," and "There's such a big movement you just feel you must follow him.