Chasing the Elusive Worm: Neurotech and the Cerebellar Vermis (AVS Journal) | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Chasing the Elusive Worm: Neurotech and the Cerebellar Vermis (AVS Journal)

My 1st published work, in 2003, in the Audio Visual Stimulation Journal, a trade publication. Regarding my first invention (I no longer sell these, and the contact info has all changed). A non-invasive stimulator of the brain part involved in socialization and affection, the cerebellum. It uses time-varying complex magnetic fields. and modulated blue light. The renowned Developmental Neuropsychologist, James W. Prescott, thought that this and my later such inventions were nifty ideas, and sent me a large box of technical info from his and Dr. Robert G. Heaths research (He developed implantable electrical stimulators, the first such devices) to aid in my research. It was very popular, and people reported positive results. A simple version can be cobbled together by anyone with basic electronics assembly skills. It's important the magnetic field, delivered through a phono pickup coil ($2 at an electronic surplus house), be anything but monotonous. The mind control expert who sits on the board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (provides expert testimony in trials to discredit child sex abuse victims), Dr. Michael Persinger of Canada, developed a similar machine that instead stimulates the amygdala, the centers of fear and aggression, and marketed it as a tool for enlightenment. My device induces vivid, cathartic dreams, and increases activity in the cerebellum (verified by a research scientist who did an fMRI test for me).