China’s High-Speed Train Map Puts U.S. Transportation to Shame | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

China’s High-Speed Train Map Puts U.S. Transportation to Shame

California is in the process of building a bullet train that will eventually run all the way from San Diego to Sacramento and San Francisco along about 1,300 km (800 miles) of track with trains running at speeds exceeding 320 km (200 miles) per hour. The first phase of the plan will connect San Francisco to Los Angeles and Anaheim at an estimated cost of over $60 billion with expected completion in 2029. However, a recent increase of $2.8 billion to the budget for construction in the Central Valley has some (short-sighted) people questioning the future of the project.

High-speed rail is the infrastructure that the United States needs to renew its ailing transportation system and California’s project can show Americans what twenty-first century transport infrastructure looks like. Unfortunately, detractors have been criticizing high-speed rail since it was initially proposed and will use any excuse to try to justify its cancellation. It’s odd that so many are against investing in their country, state, and community, especially when compared with Europe and China.