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China becomes biggest exporter

China has overtaken Germany as the world's biggest exporter of goods after exports rose for the first time in 14 months, data has shown.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is how you make a nation prosperous' you make products that other nations wish to buy!

Starting about 40 years ago, the United States forgot this most basic economic principle. A generation of managers trained by MBA programs to not respect manufacturing grew up to be CEOs with no respect for manufacturing. Instead of making products to make money they made money the product, treating it like a commodity, packaging it, decorating it, and shifting it back and forth at high speed in the hopes such shaking would make the money grow by magic.

Of course all that really happened is that the Goldman Sachs and Bernie Madoffs simply skimmed off the cream as the cash flowed by and while the sharpsters, grafters, and operators grew fabulously rich the nation as a whole went into a decline. Our cultural admiration went to criminals who seemed to make money appear out of thin air, and our disdain fell on anyone with grease under their fingernails. Manufacturing became equated with lower class. Wealth by any means was the sign of the elect. Even today there are many who still admire Bernie Madoff and Ken Lay for the cleverness they showed in strip-mining the families of America.

The greatness of a nation is not how many tanks and bombs it can make but how many cars, microwave ovens, and heavy appliances it can sell around the world.

America has fallen from that pantheon long ago.